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Category Archives: Technical

Running VPOP3 on Wine

No, this isn’t about how to run a mail server when you’re a bit inebriated. For those who don’t know, Wine is a Windows ’emulator’ for Linux (actually Wine Is Not an Emulator, but by calling it an emulator it makes it a bit easier for people to understand). The main ‘problem’ with Wine, is […]


Advanced Backups for VPOP3

As everyone knows, backups are very important, especially with an important piece of software such as a mail server. With VPOP3 v5 and later, VPOP3 will automatically make a backup of its database every day. The database in v5 and later contains all the settings, users, messages, etc, so is essentially a full backup and […]


VPOP3 v6.3 – GeoIP access restrictions

One of the new features in VPOP3 v6.3 was the support for ‘GeoIP’ in the Access Restrictions settings. This lets you specify that only IP addresses from certain countries can access VPOP3 services. Many people use this type of restriction to prevent access from countries commonly used by attackers. In fact, the VPOP3 GeoIP facility […]


PostgreSQL replication and Bucardo

PostgreSQL streaming replication¬†in PostgreSQL 9.0 and later is excellent if it is suitable, and it is relatively easy to set up, with several walkthroughs on the Internet. The main limitation of the streaming replication is that all the servers which are replicating have to be pretty much identical. They have to be: Same major version […]