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New feature in v6.1 – Store and Forward

The new Store and Forward feature in VPOP3 Enterprise v6.1 and later lets your users access mail on a VPOP3 backup server while the main server is not functioning.


Pruning old messages automatically

In VPOP3 Enterprise 6.2 and later you can tell VPOP3 to automatically delete old messages, based on specified criteria. You can either do this globally, for all users, or just for specific users. To edit the global criteria (rules), go to Settings -> Database -> Message Store, and look at theĀ Global Prune Rules section. To […]


VPOP3 v6.2 released

We have just released VPOP3 v6.2. This is a free upgrade for any users whose Software Maintenance is still active on 23rd May 2013. You can get a full list of the changes between v6.1 and v6.2 on our Bug Tracker, but some which people may find interesting Updated the admin pages to support IE10 […]


Command line access to VPOP3 settings

In VPOP3 v5 and later, all the settings are stored in the main database. While this makes it easier to backup, migrate and use database replication, it does make it a bit harder to access settings from outside of VPOP3. You can use the ‘psql‘ command-line program, or a graphical tool like pgAdmin to access […]


VPOP3 v6.0 – Bandwidth control

One of the new features in VPOP3 Enterprise v6 is enhanced bandwidth control. This allows you to restrict the speed of VPOP3 connections for different users, services and IP addresses. VPOP3 Basic has basic bandwidth control, so this article may still be useful, but VPOP3 Basic does not support ‘bandwidth pools’ or scripting. Because of […]


VPOP3 version 6 released

We have just released VPOP3 version 6.0 build 2644. People with software maintenance or priority support contracts which expire on or after 6th February 2013 can upgrade to this version free of charge. The main differences between 6.0 and 5.0 are: Configurable bandwidth limits for VPOP3 services POP3 service can ‘hold’ messages rather than delete […]


VPOP3 version 6 release candidate

We are happy to announce that we have just made available for download the release candidate version of the next release of VPOP3 v6. You can download it from here. This version should be OK for production use. We use it here on our main server and some of our other servers, and several of […]


Automatically deleting old messages

Sometimes we get asked if the VPOP3 administrator can set up VPOP3 to automatically delete old messages from users’ mailboxes. While this is often a dubious thing to do, there are occasionally valid reasons for doing it. VPOP3 Enterprise has a ‘hidden’ facility to do this automatic deletion based on rules. At the moment there […]


VPOP3 Antivirus

For many years now we have been selling “avast! for VPOP3” as our low cost antivirus software for scanning emails as they pass through VPOP3. At the end of 2012, Avast are stopping supporting their version 4 virus scanning engine, which VPOP3 uses. This means that the “avast! for VPOP3” solution will stop updating after […]