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VPOP3 v7.1 Released

We have released VPOP3 v7.1 which you can download from http://www.pscs.co.uk/downloads/vpop3.php.

This is a free upgrade for all users who have active software maintenance or priority support on 15th February 2017. Other users can purchase the upgrade and 1 year of software maintenance on our website.

The full change log can be viewed in our issue tracker.

Main Changes in v7.1

  • New: 64 bit version available.
  • New: Be able to disable account locking for a time after changing password, to prevent it being locked by devices using the old password, before they can be changed.
  • New: Allow comments in IP access restrictions.
  • New: Add report to show messages sent through a Mail Sender between two dates.
  • New: Add chat facility to VPOP3 settings for people with support contracts.
  • New: Add new Lua scripting options for message headers, daily report generation, quarantine report generation and to disable message archiving of a message totally.
  • Improvement: Daily usage reports are now formatted better (in HTML mode).
  • Improvement: Improve several reports to allow date ranges.
  • Improvement: Improve LAN Forward Queue viewer.
  • Improvement: Various improvements for importing users from Windows/file.
  • Fix: Fix problems with partial database restore function.
  • Fix: SMTP/Download rules were processing wildcards in begins/ends/contains comparisons.
  • Fix: Blog news entries missing from About page since Google disabled their ‘Google Feeds’ API.
  • Fix: Hungarian thousands separator was breaking daily usage reports and others.
  • Fix: Spamfilter whitelist/blacklist words didn’t work properly if there was a comma in the text.
  • Fix: Message Archive search on message content wasn’t working properly.
  • Fix: Diagnostics -> Message Search wasn’t working properly with subject searches.

64 bit version

This release has the first public 64 bit version of VPOP3. Here, we have been using the 64 bit version for about 6 months, so we are confident it is OK.

The main advantage of the 64 bit version is that VPOP3 has access to all the memory on the computer, rather than just the first 3GB. In most cases this won’t make any noticeable difference, but if you regularly send or receive very large messages (eg over 40MB) then it should improve performance and reliability.

Installing the 64 bit version is straightforward, and you can switch back and forth between the 32 bit and 64 bit versions with ease by simply reinstalling the appropriate version over the top. (The configuration & data storage is identical, it’s just the EXE and DLLs files which have to change).

Both the 32 and 64 bit versions of VPOP3 use the 32 bit version of PostgreSQL because there is no real advantage to changing that, and it would require a time-consuming backup/restore of the database to change to the 64 bit version. (Note that both versions VPOP3 will also work with the 64 bit version of PostgreSQL if you wish to migrate that manually).

Note that because we don’t have access to the relevant components, there are a couple of limitations with the 64 bit version:

  • The 64 bit version cannot access some of the data from version 4 or earlier, so it will not be able to migrate the data across properly. For this reason, if you are still using version 4 or earlier and want to upgrade to the latest version, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest 32 bit version first and run that for a week or so, so that it can migrate the data. Then, reinstall the 64 bit version.
  • The 64 bit version does not currently contain the Webmail Spell Checking facility.

The VPOP3 Antivirus and Spamfilter work fine in the 64 bit version, but you need to install the Antivirus component from the 64 bit installer because the 32 bit download version will not work with the 64 bit version of VPOP3.

Chat Icon

In VPOP3 7.1 we are experimenting with a Chat facility for users with a Priority Support contract. If you have a support contract and we are available, then you will notice a green chat ‘bubble’ at the bottom right of the VPOP3 settings screens. Clicking on that should open a chat conversation with us which you can use for technical, sales or general customer support (if suitable staff are available).

(This facility may be removed in the future, depending on how things go).


      • No, it doesn’t appear to do so. The 32 bit version still does, and both versions support the VPOP3 Antivirus plugin. It is easy to switch between the 32 and 64 bit versions of VPOP3 simply by reinstalling the appropriate version over the top of the existing installation.

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