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VPOP3 v8.6 Released

We have released VPOP3 v8.6 which you can download from http://www.pscs.co.uk/products/vpop3/download.

This is a free upgrade for all users who have active software maintenance or priority support on 15th April 2024. Other users can purchase the upgrade and 1 year of software maintenance on our website.

The full list of changes is in our issue tracker change log, a summary is below:

Version 8.6

  • Fix problem when sending a message with two recipients with different capitalisation of the domain part, you would get duplicates
  • Fix ‘Connect Attempt Count’ not being updated from settings
  • Allow outmessage.lua : NewMessage function to change ReturnPath value
  • In new Webmail, prevent global addresses from being displayed if not allowed by permissions
  • Fix problem where Attachment filter fails to open ZIP if ZIP is only thing in the email
  • Fix problem where you can’t delete items from New Webmail Trash folder
  • Generate Administrator messages about users reaching sending quotas
  • Log IMAP4 sessions in logdb session log
  • Add an option for an administrator (only) to release quarantine messages to a different user
  • If virus scanner problem is blocking access, then show this on ‘dashboard’ display
  • Add Lua scripting for ‘AdminMessageTarget’ retrieval to allow dynamic assignment
  • Add SMTPUTF8 extension to SMTP service
  • Add 8BITMIME support to SMTP service
  • When adding distribution list members, force them to be unsuspended and unbanned
  • Add SMTP Rule condition to check authentication details
  • Be able to set custom DeleteAfter and HoldUntil for DMARC aggregation reports to prevent them sitting in the Outqueue for ages
  • Fix 2FA key for some password managers
  • Fix some problems with IMAP4 functions to get body MIME structure which affect some email clients with some invalid messages
  • Reload SSL certificate without needing server restart
  • Add support for scripting of SOCKS proxy settings
  • Add VPOP3.INI parameter to force IP address binding
  • Fix problem with activating licences after having an evaluation licence was installed
  • Fix Problem connecting via SOCKS4 server
  • When forwarding messages in New Webmail, attachments are not included
  • ReplyAll, ReplyList, Forward in new Webmail does not copy subject correctly
  • Be able to view sending quota limits and current values in New Webmail
  • Be able to view mailbox quota limit and current value in New Webmail
  • Add Lua scripting for DNS overrides
  • Improve S3 functions for Lua scripting
  • Have Lua scripting for filtering DMARC aggregate report sending
  • Fix problem where certain messages cause the quarantine viewer not to display messages properly

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