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Category Archives: Service status

Homeworking with VPOP3

In these troubled times, many of you will be working from home, or thinking about working from home. This article is intended to help you out in that situation. Email Forwarding – not the best way A common request is how to forward email to personal email addresses to allow home working. While that may […]


Coronavirus Update

A little Coronavirus update from PSCS.We are currently working from home, except for essential maintenance work for our hosted services. We can still access our phones, emails, support system, etc from home, so, for the most part, you probably won’t be able to notice any difference from normal. (The phone system works slightly differently than […]


Premium Rate Support Telephone line – service ending next year

This is advanced warning that in March 2016 our Premium Rate (0906, £1/min) telephone support service will be ending. You will be able to continue accessing support by email with active software maintenance or by telephone using our £20+VAT single incident or annual support contracts. We are closing the Premium Rate telephone support service because the […]