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Premium Rate Support Telephone line – service ending next year

This is advanced warning that in March 2016 our Premium Rate (0906, £1/min) telephone support service will be ending. You will be able to continue accessing support by email with active software maintenance or by telephone using our £20+VAT single incident or annual support contracts.

We are closing the Premium Rate telephone support service because the new PhonepayPlus rules which came into force recently mean that low volume premium rate lines such as ours are no longer viable.  We have never had a single complaint from a caller about the service since we started providing it over 8 years ago, but now the administration time and fees mean that is is no longer viable. In fact, in the past 12 months we have had to pay almost as much in fees to PhonepayPlus as we have made from calls to the service, never mind the couple of days it takes to fill in all the cryptic paperwork, and to handle the fact that PhonepayPlus lost all our registration and payment details despite sending us confirmation of registration, so we had to do everything twice.

So, we apologise to those people who have found the service useful and convenient over the past years, but that’s the way things go.


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