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VPOP3 version 6 release candidate

We are happy to announce that we have just made available for download the release candidate version of the next release of VPOP3 v6.

You can download it from here.

This version should be OK for production use. We use it here on our main server and some of our other servers, and several of our customers have been using a similar version for several months.

The change log and fixed bugs is included below.

You do not need a new licence key to use this version of VPOP3. You can use this version if you have a version 5 licence key with software maintenance which expires on or after 20th January 2013. The installer should check the expiry date of your software maintenance subscription before letting you continue with the installation process.

To install this software on an existing VPOP3 server, simply install it over the top of your current installation. The upgrade process from an existing v5 installation should be quite quick and straightforward, as the database system being used has not changed.

If you are going to install the software on a live server, we strongly recommend you do this during UK office hours. Then, if there is a problem during installation you can call us (on +44 (0)1484 855800) and we will able to do our best to help without charge.

If you have a priority support contract with us, you can call us and we will be able to install the upgrade for you if you wish.

If you want to install the software on a test installation first, then you could copy your existing installation to the test PC first.


Full list of changes in this version

(more detailsĀ on ourĀ bugtracking system)

– 0000946: [Admin] Error importing autoresponders with time conditions from VPOP3 prior to v5.
– 0000904: [WebMail] “Print Message” button does not work from “Message” menu in grid view.
– 0000905: [WebMail] attachment icons not visible on print page.
– 0000903: [WebMail] several attachments hidden from message print.
– 0000913: [WebMail] redirect basic webmail to home2.html.
– 0000876: [Misc] Have bandwidth limits per service configurable from settings.
– 0000914: [Misc] Incorrect string when logging RBL finds in Enterprise.
– 0000915: [FaxServer] Incorrect string when notifying of received message.
– 0000875: [Misc] Better bandwidth throttling facilities for services.
– 0000878: [POP3 Server] Have option to ‘hold’ instead of ‘delete’.
– 0000733: [SMTP Client] Different SMTP timeouts depending on phase.
– 0000888: [Admin] Password reset key from our website.
– 0000897: [Misc] Log files show incorrect licence size.
– 0000909: [Admin] Be able to see how many lines have been read from the various spamfilter script files.
– 0000895: [Admin] While importing large numbers of messages to the outqueue, update outqueue count periodically.
– 0000911: [Misc] New users not added to ‘everyone’ list.
– 0000867: [SMTP Client] Have ‘Hold until’ feature for Out queue.
– 0000898: [Misc] Greylisting tables currently need exclusive locks to work, and pg_dump blocks those.
– 0000739: [Misc] Check what happens if VPOP3 is configured to use Sophos for virus scanning and SAVI isn’t installed.
– 0000879: [Misc] During database backup, backup to temp file, then rename/move on success.
– 0000869: [Admin] Outqueue count doesn’t automatically refresh.
– 0000883: [Admin] In LAN forwarding have separate boxes for username/password.
– 0000880: [Admin] Domain mapping edits/deletions are not saved.
– 0000772: [Admin] Support mass deletion of messages from outqueue.
– 0000734: [SMTP Client] When message succeeds in sending, need to record 2xx response from server in outqueue DB.
– 0000744: [Admin] Global signature does not apply if user signature previously set to blank.
– 0000870: [Admin] Leading blank lines at start of text global signatures are lost.
– 0000805: [Misc] Add IDS/IPS to POP3/IMAP/Webmail.
– 0000806: [Admin] Line up ‘view’ buttons in Settings -> Diagnostics.
– 0000719: [SMTP Client] MX connecting to gmail.cm takes ages to fail.
– 0000803: [Admin] Pasting an IP address into the Block List and Never Block List of IDS/IPS does not activate add button.
– 0000812: [Admin] Autoresponder calendars not activating “Submit” button.
– 0000851: [Admin] “Immediately copy messages already in this user’s inbox to assistant(s)” doesn’t work if there is more than one assistant.
– 0000852: [Admin] Allow “Immediately copy messages already in this user’s inbox to assistant(s)” to work with external assistants.
– 0000862: [Status Monitor] Handle resizing better.
– 0000861: [Status Monitor] Give VPOP3 version number to status monitor so it can display it.
– 0000841: [Admin] On Access restrictions have ‘users’ column show ‘<all>’ if it’s blank.
– 0000845: [Misc] API: ~replyinfo~ ignoring the “Reply-To” header.
– 0000844: [Misc] ~attachmentlist~ Webmail/API replacement breaks pages.
– 0000854: [Admin] Error dialog when editing autoresponder.
– 0000853: [POP3 Client] Preload POP3 message download details.
– 0000795: [Misc] Delete postmaster.pid file on reboot.
– 0000833: [Misc] Have online activation process.
– 0000834: [CalDAV] Fix issues with iPad and CalDAV.
– 0000783: [Admin] New way of entering reseller information.
– 0000843: [WebMail] Reply and top-posting not working in Mobile webmail.
– 0000816: [WebMail] remove sender’s own email address from recipients of a “Reply All”.
– 0000837: [WebMail] Calendar url displayed wrong if port is default (80/443).
– 0000700: [WebMail] Reloading does not complete where a checked calendar has been removed.
– 0000793: [WebMail] Sorting webmail messages by subject, will place lowercase before uppercase.
– 0000735: [WebMail] Split all non-message content out of the message view page.
– 0000692: [WebMail] Message handler for individual messages.
– 0000688: [WebMail] Double-left-click to open message causes “allow images” toolbar to disappear.
– 0000599: [Misc] Rules for archiving.
– 0000824: [Misc] For archive main store, let user specify share username/password in VPOP3 setting.
– 0000726: [Archiving] Have option to rescan archive folders for missing files to insert into index.
– 0000724: [Archiving] Change date field in database to timestamp.
– 0000817: [Misc] Set database clustering on tables.
– 0000823: [Admin] Status not always updating when schedule paused, activated/deactivated, etc.
– 0000025: [Status Monitor] Have option in status monitor to pause/unpause schedule.
– 0000794: [Autoresponders] For autoresponses, attachments, have to upload the attachment to the server before it can be attached.
– 0000788: [Admin] Autoresponder help options unavailable.
– 0000786: [Admin] Add validrecipients & invalidrecipients to download rule editor.
– 0000784: [Admin] Add kB, MB etc to download rule ‘size’ condition options.
– 0000785: [Admin] Change ‘InMail’ in Download rules to ‘Collector’.
– 0000582: [SMTP Client] In Status monitor when sending, show authenticated user if any.
– 0000792: [Admin] IDS system should record why it blocked an IP address.
– 0000791: [Admin] On Status window in admin, changing connection to connect to triggers Submit button.
– 0000775: [WebMail] Move *.LNG files into Webmail folder.
– 0000769: [IMAP4 Server] SEARCH SINCE not returning correct values.

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