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VPOP3 v6.3 released

We have just releasedĀ VPOP3 v6.3. This is a free upgrade for any users whose Software Maintenance is still active on 25th July 2013.

You can get a full list of the changes between v6.2 and v6.3 on ourĀ Bug Tracker, but some which people may find interesting

  • Added “BCC” monitoring and blocking. Blocking can be set per user, in their Permissions tab. Monitoring is set on the Settings -> Monitoring page (VPOP3 Enterprise only)
  • Updated the Autoresponder settings to hopefully make it clearer which autoresponder will work. Also added a ‘basic autoresponder’ option in Webmail without all the flexibility of the full system, but hopefully more like a basic user would need.
  • Add more options to DNS Overrides for MX sending to make it much more flexible
  • Add “GeoIP” support to IP access restrictions for VPOP3’s services (eg allow/block IP addresses of a specified country)

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