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Bank account changes

Customers who pay by bank transfer to us should have received (or shortly be receiving) an email from us with our new bank details in.

We have changed from Natwest after 20 years because they have decided to throw a 6x increase in bank charges at us (eg http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/4ead74ae-5599-11e6-9664-e0bdc13c3bef.html )

Our new account is at Santander with an account number ending in ….6464. Contact us if you haven’t received the new details and need them, or if you are uncertain about the email you have received. The new details will also be included on emailed invoices etc.

(If you use the old account details, then the money should be redirected into our new account and you should receive notification from your bank about the change).

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