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Duplicate messages in Outlook 2016 when using POP3

There was an update to Outlook 2016 in February 2016 which appears to have caused a problem where it will repeatedly download messages from the POP3 mailserver. This is NOT a problem with VPOP3, and there is nothing that VPOP3 can do about the problem.

See this link for more information:

In summary, some solutions are:

  • Tell Outlook not to leave messages on the server
  • Tell Outlook not to delete messages after X days (this is not recommended because it will lead to indefinite mailbox growth with associated performance and storage issues)
  • Switch to using IMAP4 (may require an upgrade to VPOP3 Enterprise)
  • Remove the February 2016 update
  • Switch to a better email client (eg Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail)

The above link has more details on these options (except for the last one).

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