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VPOP3 v7.7 Released

We have released VPOP3 v7.7 which you can download from http://www.pscs.co.uk/products/vpop3/download.

This is a free upgrade for all users who have active software maintenance or priority support on 4th June 2018. Other users can purchase the upgrade and 1 year of software maintenance on our website.

The full list of changes is in our issue tracker change log, a summary is below:

  • New:  Support 2FA (Google Authenticator) in Webmail/Admin (Services -> Webmail -> Advanced)
  • New: Store parsed message header data for quicker IMAP4 searches (VPOP3 Enterprise)
  • New Add more info about assistant decision making to Message Trace info
  • Fix: Reduce Performance monitor CPU load
  • Fix: When deciding which signature to use, a single & nbsp ; in a HTML signature is making VPOP3 think that signature was defined
  • Fix: Show whether 32 or 64 bit version is installed
  • Fix: Add User wizard only allows up-to 16 character passwords

Changes in V7.6

  • Fix: VPOP3 reports misleading error if there’s an error retrieving a message using IMAP4
  • Fix: Can’t delete a user with personal address book entries
  • Fix: Can’t delete a user with multiple message rules
  • Fix: Assistants aren’t always being processed if assistants are also recipients
  • New: Allow user to search quarantine for all dates
  • New: Have an archive manager “role” who receives notifications of archive actions
  • Fix: Message action auditing isn’t logging message copy actions
  • New When logging archive searches, record which user requested it
  • New Detect busiest IP address and show in admin status bar
  • Fix: If Webmail Login MD5 encryption is used, then disabled accounts can still be accessed
  • New: Have facility for Lua script to rewrite MIME sections of incoming messages
  • Fix: Autoresponder expansions not working in reply-to & From fields
  • Fix: If autoresponder expansions are only used in subject, copyto etc then the custom fields are not shown
  • New: Handle NULL MX records – RFC 7505
  • New: For attachment filtering have option to tell intended recipient(s) if message was redirected or deleted
  • Fix: If you edit a user, their comment disappears from the user list
  • New: Allow paging of quarantine search results
  • New: Have option to zip up & download archive search results
  • New: Add feature to be able to view & clear MX sending DNS cache
  • Fix: Exporting ‘Received’ report when a date range is selected only exports the first day’s messages, not the whole range


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