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VPOP3 v7.9 Released

We have released VPOP3 v7.9 which you can download from http://www.pscs.co.uk/products/vpop3/download.

This is a free upgrade for all users who have active software maintenance or priority support on 10th December 2018. Other users can purchase the upgrade and 1 year of software maintenance on our website.

The full list of changes is in our issue tracker change log, a summary is below:

  • New: With attachment filtering renaming, support changing the MIME type as well
  • New: Have option to encrypt daily backups
  • New: Put encryption type in SMTP Transcript logs and Received header
  • New: Have setting to disable use of ‘Pause/Resume Schedule’ in Status Monitor
  • New: Allow Lua script to trigger Status Monitor “popup” or send messages
  • Fix: If a Connection uses a backup Connection, and that backup connection is deleted, VPOP3 will still try to use it
  • Fix: Try to prevent DMARC Aggregate Report loops
  • Fix: Upgrade OpenSSL version for 32 bit VPOP3 to support TLS v1.2 (already supported in 64 bit VPOP3)
  • Fix: Stop VPOP3 crashing when generating DMARC aggregate reports if the RUA email address has blank domain
  • Fix: Attachment filter error messages don’t always decode non-ASCII filenames correctly
  • Fix: Attachment filter ‘skip filtering’ filters don’t work sometimes
  • Fix: Recovering messages from Archive show messages with incorrect file size

Also, there is a very early version of a new Admin interface included. This can be accessed by going to http://<vpop3>:5108/admin2/index.html

It’s very rough around the edges, and incomplete, but is being worked on. (In the menus, if an item is in red, it doesn’t exist yet, or if it’s in purple, it’s only partially implemented). Feel free to use it and report problems with what is there, as what is there should be functional, but please don’t report a bug just because a feature isn’t there yet.

The new Admin interface should handle being used from mobile devices better than the current interface, and should be quicker at switching between pages, but it may take a bit longer to load initially on slow connections.

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