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VPOP3 v7.2 Released

We have released VPOP3 v7.2 which you can download from http://www.pscs.co.uk/downloads/vpop3.php.

This is a free upgrade for all users who have active software maintenance or priority support on 12th April 2017. Other users can purchase the upgrade and 1 year of software maintenance on our website.

The full change log can be viewed in our issue tracker.

Note that starting with VPOP3 v7.2 we have ended support for Windows XP & 2003. That means that Windows Vista and Windows 2008 are the oldest versions of Windows which are supported.

Main Changes in v7.2

  • New: Add diagnostics tools (Ping, Traceroute) to VPOP3 (Settings -> Diagnostics -> Tools)
  • New: Allow Lua script to set SMTP relay restrictions for this sender connection
  • New: Add CPU/Disk stats to admin dashboard view
  • New: In Status -> Sessions window show CPU times per thread
  • New: Support RFC 4315 (UIDPLUS)
  • Improvement: Make .NET 4.5 version of ‘VPOP3Settings’ tool
  • Improvement: Have popup text on hover over user list icon
  • Improvement: Remove 16 character restriction on passwords
  • Improvement: Have balloon notifications for new IM messages in Status Monitor
  • Improvement: Make About page collect maintenance expiry directly rather than using cached details
  • Fix: Database backup metrics are wrong when backing up to a network share
  • Fix: Status Monitor Inbox summary view is sometimes just the title bar size
  • Fix: DB errors being logged if LDAP entries are hidden
  • Fix: Global address book entry edit tabs not visible on load in Firefox
  • Fix: New IMAP4 search compiler doesn’t always work properly
  • Fix: Per-time sending limits shouldn’t override per-connection limits if set
  • Fix: If SMTP client Auth Plain login fails, the connection attempt continues
  • Fix: Status monitor Instant Messaging renders CR/LFs incorrectly

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